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Top links:

Catechism of the Catholic Church (Here's a systematic, definitive, and authoritative presentation of the Catholic faith.)

Catholic-pages (Catholic web directory)

Eternal Word Television Network (Q&A on the Catholic faith. Also, news and timely programs. Watch them on cable TV, too!)

Holy See (official website of the Holy See)

New Advent (Excellent source for solid Catholic reference materials.)

Saint Josemaria Escrivá (Great 20th century saint, canonized 6 October 2002!)


Explaining and defending the Catholic faith:

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism (Dave Armstrong offers solid arguments from Scripture explaining and defending the Catholic faith.)

Catholic Answers (Articles, books, resources, and online radio programs from the well-known Catholic apologetics.)

Catholic Outlook (Gary Hoge, a convert to Roman Catholicism from Evangelical Protestantism, wants to share his faith!)

Corunum apologetic web site (Testimony of the early Church Fathers on various important doctrines)

Defenders of the Catholic Faith (Steve Ray gathers no dust defending the faith!)

Defending the Bride (Explanation and defense of the Catholic faith.)


Books and other materials:

Emmaus Road Publishing (Great Catholic books.)

Ignatius Press (Excellent Catholic books and more.)

Just Catholic (Religious Goods Store)

Scepter Publishers (Excellent Catholic books.) NEW!

SOLT Media (Audio recordings of the outstanding Catholic preacher, Father John Corapi.)

Sophia Institute Press (Excellent Catholic books.)

Stella Maris Books (Great Catholic books.)

Tan Books & Publishers (More great Catholic books! So many books… so little time!)


Other outstanding links:

Nazareth Resource Library (James Akin, another guy who studied what the Catholic Church actually teaches, and then turned into one a' them Catholics.)

Catholic Information Center

Catholic Information Network

Catholic Information Service (This is a "home study" course on the Christian faith. Check it out!)

Catholic Internet Directory

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Liberties


Catholic News


Catholic Treasure Chest

Church documents (A nice collection of important documents.)

Crosswalk (Online bibles, Bible study tools, and related reference material.)

Dr. Scott Hahn

Envoy Magazine (A remarkably good Catholic apologetics and evangelization magazine!)

Eternal Life (Great Catholic resources.)


Priests for Life

Regnum Christi (An apostolic movement at the service of mankind and the Church. Founded by Fr. Marcial Maciel in 1949.)

Universalis ("Pray without ceasing." Join the whole Church in praying the ancient Liturgy of the Hours. Prayers, psalms, and meditations for every hour of the day. Updated daily.)

Zenit (A Catholic news service: "The world seen from Rome".)