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Letters exchanged with Gary (updated 17 February 2003)
-an unproductive discussion with a man who claims Scripture contains numerous errors.

Letters exchanged with Dan (13 October 2002)
-regarding sola scriptura, infallibility, Tradition, Peter, the canon of Scripture, birth control, and whether Jesus had real brothers and sisters…

Letters exchanged with Brian Casebolt (6 January 2002)
-whether Jesus had real brothers and sisters; Norman Geisler's false and misleading charges against the Catholic Church.

Letters exchanged with Lloyd Grolimund (10 October 1999)
-the Sabbath; the authority of Scripture and the Church…

Letters exchanged with Gordon Hammerle
-is your Bible complete? Apparently Gordon's is not.


Other letters

Letter to J, on whether Sirach belongs in the Bible (11 September 1999)
-Did the Catholic Church "add books to the Bible"?

Letters to President Bill Clinton and Mrs. Hillary Clinton
-But it's wrong to kill children, Mr. President!

Letter to L, on "Reincarnation and Catholicism"
-No, the Church never taught reincarnation!

Appeal to a deserting Catholic
-Throwing out the baby with the baptism water.

Letters on elective abortion, human life, and public policy
-Can you believe so many people defend the killing of children?

Letter to the Brooklyn Museum of Art (12 November 1999)
-Regarding its filthy, anti-Christian, sacrilegious and bigoted "Sensation" exhibit. Some people think feces is art. (No kidding!)