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Letters exchanged with Mr. Gordon Hammerle...

Recently I stumbled across Gordon's interesting website, and found that it made claims about the Gospel and the Catholic Church that I believe are untrue. We have exchanged several lively letters, and Gordon has generously given me permission to reprint his here. Many thanks to Gordon for his time and excellent arguments!

Comments and questions on this material are welcome.

Letters to Gordon

Letters from Gordon


8 July 1998

Private interpretation;
Teaching authority.

9 July 1998

Baptists aren't Protestants;
Private interpretation;
God preserves His Word.

12 July 1998

We're not infallible;
early Church teachings;
what's the Canon?

12 July 1998

Clarification on the KJV;
eternal life.

21 July 1998

Seven new questions.

22 July 1998

The same old question.

23 July 1998

Wisdom of this world.

26 July 1998

Pressing for an answer.

26 July 1998

Ancient Baptists

28 July 1998

Still pressing.

31 July 1998

The Apocrypha contradict Scripture.

8 August 1998

Artificial litmus tests.

29 August 1998

"...your demonstrated lack of faith..."

5 September 1998



Waiting for a response…