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Letters exchanged with Mr. Lloyd Grolimund...

A little while ago Mr. Lloyd Grolimund wrote me from his home in New Zealand to discuss his beliefs regarding the Sabbath. We have exchanged several emails, and now Lloyd has kindly agreed to allow me to post his letters along with mine. Below are some of the most recent ones, in which we focus on whether the seventh day Sabbath should or should not rightly be replaced by worship on Sunday.

Comments and questions on this material are welcome.

Letters from Lloyd

Letters to Lloyd


11 September 1998

Paul kept the Sabbath;
Scripture is its own authority;
The Church of Rome is apostate.

9 October 1998

Scripture doesn't support that;
Scripture disagrees with you;
"...the pillar and foundation of truth".

12 October 1998

Scripture nowhere does away with the Sabbath;
Sunday Theology;
putting words in the mouth of Jesus.

18 October 1998

Authority of Scripture;
Canon of Scripture.

10 October 1999

Sabbath issues;
Canon of Scripture;
Authority of the Church;
Authority of you and me.