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Letters exchanged with Danů

My friend, Dan, and I have exchanged a number of letters dealing mainly with the Canon of Scripture, the authority of the Pope, and the teaching authority of the Church. These and many other exciting topics tended to come up frequently in our years-long lunchtime Bible study at work. Since we could never attempt to do such issues justice during a 45-minute lunch break, we decided to exchange letters in order to explore the topics in a bit more depth. Kindly, Dan has given me permission to reprint his letters here with mine.

I am extremely grateful to Dan. Through our friendship and these letters, Dan has helped me better understand the truths of Christ, even when Dan and I strenuously disagreed on what these truths are!

Comments and questions on this material are welcome.

Letters to Dan

Letters from Dan


27 May 1996

Christian truth "outside the Bible"?

25 June 1996

A teacher sent by God.

27 June 1996

Sola scriptura.

16 July 1996


Petrine authority.

6 August 1996

Canon of Scripture.

21 August 1996

Peter not infallible.

4 September 1996

Is Peter Rock?

Canon of Scripture.

10 September 1996

Peter's role;

Canon of Scripture.

30 September 1996

Abject apology;

Canon of Scripture.

5 February 1997

Mortal sin.

6 March 1997


5 July 2000

Did Jesus have siblings?

I made a presentation in which I claimed that the Bible does not teach that Jesus had any real brothers or sisters. Here is Dan's response to my arguments.

I still owe Dan a response to this one!

10 September 2000


I made a presentation in which I claimed that artificial birth control is contrary to Scripture and is immoral. Dan subsequently posed three questions, which I answer here.

26 September 2002

Where is a list of the Roman Catholic Church's "infallible" teachings?

26 September 2002

Where to find the infallible teachings.

29 September 2002

Objections against an infallible interpreter;

Evidence for "sola scriptura".

13 October 2002

Who has the last word in the interpretation of Scripture?

-The infallibility of the Church versus "sola scriptura".