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Will Catholics defend life (again)? (16 October 2004)
-Catholic supporters of John Kerry either don’t know the faith or they betray it.
(This letter appeared in the 29 October 2004 issue of Catholic Explorer.)

Will Catholics defend life? (11 October 2004)
-Why faithful Catholics can not support John Kerry.

Election 2004 (27 July 2004)
-Why John Kerry should not be president.

Life must be first (24 May 2004)
-Does defending innocent lives matter to Catholic voters?
(This letter responds to a rebuttal of “Catholics for John Kerry?”, and appeared in the 4 June 2004 issue of Catholic Explorer.)

Catholics for John Kerry? (26 April 2004)
-Can you support presidential candidate John Kerry and really be Catholic?
(This letter appeared in the 7 May 2004 issue of Catholic Explorer.)

Remembering September 11 (11 September 2003)
-The victims still speak to us today. Are we listening?

In reply to "My friendships with non-Christians" (5 September 2003)
-Does the Second Vatican Council teach Catholics to avoid speaking of Scripture and their faith?
(This letter appeared in the September 19, 2003 issue of Catholic Explorer.)

On "Gay marriage and young adults" (26 August 2003)
-Does compassion for homosexuals demand silence from Christians?
(This letter appeared in the September 12, 2003 issue of Catholic Explorer.)



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