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Important note regarding my right to publish your feedback.

I welcome readers to share their thoughts with me related to anything they read on my site.Sometimes I wish to publish on my site feedback I receive, in order to respond publicly to interesting points or questions raised by readers, or just to give a wider audience to points made by readers.I DO NOT ever publish letters against the stated wishes of the author.

Therefore, if you write to me regarding any material on my website and do NOT want your letter considered for publication, please say so in your letter.I reserve the right to reprint any letter I receive without such a request.

Letters that are published are done so anonymously, with the authorís name changed to a pen-name, such as a single letter, eg.: ďAĒ.I will not include your real name, email address, or other personally identifiable information unless you specifically give me permission to do so. 


©2003, 2004 by John Robin. The writings on this site were composed by John Robin except where otherwise noted. The texts may be downloaded or printed for private reading, but they may not be uploaded to another internet site or published, electronically or otherwise, without the express written permission of the author. Brief excerpts may be quoted without written permission, provided their source is acknowledged and the author is notified promptly of the usage.

The author may be reached at: john.robin& (change the "&" to "@").