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11 October 2004


Will Catholics defend life?


Dear fellow Roman Catholics,

The upcoming presidential election is weighing heavily on my mind and probably on yours as well.  But recent events have pushed me past some “line in the sand”, and I feel I have to do more than just vote.  So I’m appealing to my fellow Catholics! 

Life and death moral issues are at stake in this election.  Take, for instance, elective abortion and embryonic stem cell research. 

President George Bush has the decency to recognize it is wrong for people to kill their unborn children, and he has actively opposed such crimes against innocent life.  How has George Bush acted on his convictions?  Two examples: in 2001 he banned federal funding of stem cell research that would kill unborn children[1]; he also signed the Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003[2].  I wish President Bush would achieve more success on these issues, but at least he has been speaking and taking concrete action in the right direction.  Perhaps he thinks he’s doing everything he can, given the political climate.

Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry also says he believes that abortion is wrong.  He speaks passionately about his “Catholic faith”, and how he believes “life does begin at conception”.[3]  But throughout his service as a senator, he has consistently supported “a woman’s right to choose”  -a vile euphemism for license to deliberately cause the death of a child!  How can a man who believes that life begins at conception and that abortion is wrong, argue that people have a “right” to kill their own unborn children?  Here’s how John Kerry defends that position:

"I can't take my Catholic belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on a Protestant or a Jew or an atheist".[4]

This position is incoherent as well as evil.  We’re not talking about forcing people to accept Catholic theological beliefs.  No, we’re talking about the most important duty of civil society: to protect the basic human rights of its members!  And the first of these rights is Life, without which no civil right has any value.

Someone may feel he has ‘good reasons’ to steal a car, rape his neighbor, or murder a business rival, but our nation has laws designed to protect its members against those who would violate their basic rights.  We don’t concern ourselves with whether everyone agrees that theft, rape, and murder are intolerably immoral.  We simply prohibit these crimes, and punish those who commit them.  Anyone who thinks such crimes should be tolerated for the sake of those who choose to commit them, is dangerously unfit to hold high public office.  John Kerry consistently has sided with those who refuse to respect the self-evident, inalienable rights of the unborn.

Given Senator Kerry’s support of abortion, it’s not surprising that he also supports research that kills unborn children while they are still embryos.  He endorses this because of the possibility that such research may lead to new treatments of serious diseases.  So, for John Kerry, it’s acceptable to kill children if their death may someday provide someone else a cure.  This monstrous policy morally is similar to the death-dealing medical research conducted by the Hitler regime.  But Catholics know that a good goal cannot justify evil means.

On October 4, John Kerry said that President Bush “is making the wrong choice to sacrifice science for extreme right-wing ideology”.[5]  In case any Catholics hadn’t yet gotten the message, the senator now has made unmistakably clear that he regards the moral teaching of his own Church as “extreme right-wing ideology”.  Obviously Catholics are extreme, right-wing ideologues who believe science must not reduce persons to objects.  In the Kerry regime let Christians be dismissed as extremists, let the defenseless be silenced, and let science advance where it will without challenge.

When will Catholics and other Christians of good will rise up and with one voice loudly denounce elective abortion and the killing of human embryos for medical research?   When will we make it stop?  When will our nation hear the voice of reason and decency rise from Christians and put a halt to the holocaust?

I profess to be Roman Catholic, but I know that just saying so doesn’t make me Catholic.  Being truly Catholic means believing and living the faith handed down by Jesus Christ through His Apostles, as taught by the Pope and the bishops in union with him.  Anyone who knowingly rejects the doctrine of the Church separates himself from the Church, and is mistaken or dishonest to consider himself Catholic.  That’s just the way it is.

John Kerry is not Catholic in his beliefs or in his voting record.  His pretending to be a faithful Catholic while supporting intrinsically evil policies is a scandal.  Any Catholic who thinks he can legitimately support such a candidate either is ignorant of the faith or not interested in living it.

Archbishop Sean Patrick O’Malley, the bishop of Boston and John Kerry’s own bishop, recently wrote:

“I have not said for whom I shall vote, but I will tell you for whom I will not vote. I will not vote for any politician who will promote abortion or the culture of death, no matter how appealing the rest of his or her program might be. They are wolves in sheep’s garments, the K.K.K. without the sheets, and sadly enough, they don’t even know it.”[6]

I also will not vote for John Kerry, and I encourage you to join other Catholics in bringing a powerful message to the polls on election day:


“We will defend Life. 

We will defend the defenseless.”




John Robin

[3] Washington Post, July 4, 2004. Kerry Says He Believes Life Starts at Conception