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Mary Breslin, Editor
Catholic Explorer
St. Charles Pastoral Center
402 S. Independence Blvd.
Romeoville, IL 60446-2264

26 August 2003

Re: In reply to "Gay marriage and young adults", by Therese J. Borchard, Catholic Explorer, August 22, 2003

Dear Editor,

Ms. Borchard in her August 22 article, "Gay marriage and young adults", wrestled with a problem: how to express to her lesbian friend Linda that she loves her "the way she is", without cheapening Catholic doctrine about the immorality of homosexual acts. In the end, she listened to Linda discuss her "relationships" but offered no response.

Real love seeks the highest good for the beloved, and this good ultimately is union with God in heaven. For this reason, true love can not fail to offer counsel or a loving admonition when the beloved is in danger of losing her soul by serious sin. Love is a gentle friend, but she is also a courageous heroine, willing to risk insult, injury, and rejection in her attempt to save a friend from self-destruction.

Jesus Christ loves us the way we are, but loves us too much to passively watch us sink into sin. If we are to imitate Christ, we must bear witness to the truth even when it may cost us dearly. In the teachings of the Catholic Church we find the truth that sets us sinners free, and the power to bring that saving truth to the world.


John Robin